Sunday, August 10, 2014

Our Beautiful World

Hello ... Happy Sunday to you

It's my turn to come up with a prompt at

Our Beautiful World

This week and I have chosen Aromatic

This is one of my pretty geraniums ...  It has a beautiful aroma.
There are so many things that are Aromatic, some just can't be captured... like the heady scent after a rainfall ... or new cut grass... bread baking and coffee brewing
Some aromas can transport you back to another time and place ... or remind you of someone who is no longer around...
Some things only have to be touched to discover their Aromatic secret like the lavenders in my garden

They may appear delicate but their aroma is strong and lingering

The same goes for some of the herbs I have



...and Rosemary ... one of my favourite herbs

Do you have a favourite aroma? We'd love you to share your photos for the prompt at 

Our Beautiful World

Have a beautiful day

~ Ros ~


Ira Huberts said...

I can smell these fine aromas upon you mentioning the plants Ros, amazing how many beautiful gifts Mother Earth gives us!
Ira’s Crea Corner

Diane said...

Once again. gorgeous pictures and a lovely post!! I am home now and I think you are gone...I hope you find your Aunt well!! Take care!!

Mona Pendleton said...

Beautiful photos Ros! Thanks for sharing :)

Manuela said...

Hi Ros, great photos and nice word for the prompt. I have also lavenders in my garden, I like it in tea and also the scent of it. Have a great week, Manuela

Stella said...

Rosemary is also one of my favorite hertbs; delicous with roast potatoes from the oven:)
Gorgeous photos Ros; especialy the one from your geraniim. The prettiest pink!

Hope you and your aunt are having a good time together. Our youngest is still keeping his fingers crossed. His professor will be back from vaction this week. I'll keep you posted!

Barbara said...

Lovely pictures and beautiful writing, as usual! As for aromas - I think there are many I like but my favorites must be lavender and the salty smell of crashing waves (I guess there's some algae int here, too).

Tracy said...

So lovely Ros. I wish I had a green thumb because I'd love to have things like your lavender in a pretty garden. Beautiful photos. Hugs!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Looks like you have a wonderful garden, I love lavender, just think that it is impossible to grow here in the desert, I do have rosemary though, and they do very well here. Wonderful shots!

Charlene said...

Gorgeous flowers!!! I love the pink ones!

Sylvia said...

Beautiful photo's as always, Ros, I love the smell of herbs even if I don't use them! I sometimes forget when I am cooking to go out and pick. Happy Tuesday!

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Ros...your garden sounds/smells/looks fabulous - I can just imagine it and envy you. I do so remember geraniums and all the lovely colours and definitely their scent take me back to mums garden and when you crush/pick the herbs - oh that's just wonderful. Lovely photos, cheers Robyn

Skye said...

A wonderful collection of photos. I love the colour of your geraniums. A great prompt!

Davi said...

I love your beautiful pictures Ros! You are right smells are powerful and the places and times they can take you to! I love lavender and lemon verbena, my favorite herbal fragrances :)

Sue Lelli said...

The only herb I have growing is basil to put on my pizzas! LOVE your photos! THX for sharing!

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