Sunday, June 22, 2014


Good morning!

It's time for a new word prompt at 

This week we have Kirsty to thank for the prompt which is


Our Post (mail)boxes are bright red but this one is painted over in black as it's no longer in use ... I took this shot at Lands End and it's special because it's the first and last Post box in England

(altered using Picmonkey)
I love getting mail ... we do get inundated with junk mail but it's lovely when you get something special

Like this brown envelope dropping through the door

I knew straightaway it would be from Kirsty ... A Lovely Thank you card

And here's some mail I recently posted ... there are 9 friends and family birthday's this month

(photo altered in both iPhoto and Adobe PSE)

This little lot cost me almost £11 in postage!

My final photo today is of a lamp on my desk ... I just love that the burlap shade has a mail theme

Ok ...I'm handing over to you now ... I've got packing to do ... I'm leaving for a short vacation tomorrow but I'm looking forward to seeing your photos on my return

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And hop on over to the Blog to see more photos from around the globe ... remember you don't have to be an expert in photography ... this is just for fun

Have a beautiful day 

~ Ros ~


Kirsty Vittetoe said...

This is such a fun post Ros, I love that first and last mailbox and do you get your mails directly from inside of the house? WOW!
The next one put a smile on my face, I thought the stamps look familiar, LOL! : )
Have a wonderful and safe trip, we just got home from MESA, CO few minutes ago, so tired and waiting to take my shower and then bed.... night!

Robyn Oliver said...

Fabulous "post" Ros, I love how your mail is delivered through the slot in the front door and that is a wonderful pic of the first and last post box in England. Enjoy your vacation, cheers Robyn

Diane said...

What a fun post (pun always, always have the best photos to share on "Our Beautiful World"..always so that!! Have a wonderful time on your trip, we cut ours short as I fell...more on that later...enjoy yourself!!

Heidi said...

Lovely photos Ros:)
Hugs, Heidi:)

Manuela said...

Hi Ros,wow, what a fantastic old mailbox!!also great photos!
Have a great week, Manuela

Ira Huberts said...

Now isn't this right up your alley Ros, for you love the postage theme? Love your post, I, too, love old post boxes, every now and then you find an old one which is no longer in use but still there as a kind of heirloom. What a sweet card from Kirsty, so pretty. Have a wonderful evening, Ira x
Ira’s Crea Corner

Barbara said...

Such a lovely post! I wish I had my mail delivered like that - I would just run to see what it was when I heard the sound... Enjoy your trip!

Linda Breedlove said...

Have a wonderful trip, Ros!

Tracy said...

I hope you are soaking up the sun and taking in the some great pics. :-) I just love that Land's End mail box. Wonderful photos for the prompt. Hugs!

Sue Lelli said...

LOVE your photos, especially the mail slot in the door. When I was in second grade and my neighbor locked himself out of the house, he would have me come over, stick my then skinny arm in the mail slot, and unlock his front door! Guess that's why we don't have mail slots anymore!

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