Saturday, September 08, 2018

How 'Bout a Cow

It's very wet and cold here today... 
Well, Ginger cat is doing well now but the Tabby cat we've been looking after for over 5 years has been ill. I suspect he has flu and we we've been giving him round the clock care whilst making sure our cats don't get too close. He's not a cat that will let us pick him up... Just visits daily for food. We built him a warm little house that he sleeps in but this morning when I came down to check on him he was gone so I'm hoping that he is feeling better...
I have a card to share that I made last week using a stamp set I got a while ago
I love cows.. 
Years ago we had a German Shepherd, Kelly...  I adored her but she had a thing about cows... I'm not sure if the size of them spooked her but she would bark like mad if she saw one.
Once when we were driving through Cornwall we suddenly turned a corner to find maybe 50/60 of them being herded down the road and the car quickly became surrounded. 
Oh my, if you could have seen Kelly's face!  It was as though she realised that there were just far too many to confront and she just stared without so much as a grumble...
The images were coloured with Copics and I added a stamped and embossed grass BG - Looking at it now I thought that I may make another one and maybe use one of those springs to make the cow's head move

Ok... That's me for today

I hope you enjoy your day and I hope the rain stops here soon

Take care

~ Ros ~