Friday, March 11, 2016

Thursday Club

It's a bright and beautiful morning here albeit still quite cold.

 I'm glad it's Friday... It's been a busy week for me and last night I was running my craft class at Thursday Club.
As you may know the people in my class are mentally and physically challenged so they can't piece together certain things - the projects have to be semi completed for them.
Here's what we did last night

It holds a candle (a battery one) and lights up the scene 

And they also made cards

As you can tell that's a lot of cutting and planning for me with a group of around 20 people.

I don't think I shared the owl treat holder we made as one of our Valentine projects so here it is

We filled them with sweets and also made a few cards

I've prepared their Easter crafts so for now I can finally get back to creating my own things, though I'm a little worn out right now Lol!

DH will be home tomorrow after spending time in Spain golfing. Alas it seems it was very cold there and I don't think he enjoyed his break.....I kind of enjoyed myself though..Hee hee

Have a beautiful day

Till soon

~ Ros ~