Monday, February 09, 2015

Scrap Card 3

How are you all?

I'm pleased to say that my rash is improving since my visit to hospital last week ... I have a biopsy scheduled for the beginning of March ... Until then I have more lotions and potions to use... My morning has to be a regime of applying creams and waiting time till the next thing is applied. I have a special shampoo too which I hate! I have to apply it every day and wait 15 mins before rinsing and the static it causes is ridiculous! I keep telling myself in a few months time this will all be a distant memory... sigh

Anyhoo, I have another card to share that I made using up my scraps and a few little black pearls

The little bird and flower were left overs as was the paper

I added some little black pearls to the Chloe stem to make it a bit more special because these Thank You cards are going out to special blog friends ...

Right now I'm busy working on Valentine cards for my Thursday group ... they love card making but coming up with something that will keep them going for 90 minutes and for 20+ people is a lot of work .. It means coming up with cards that have quite a few things to 'stick' on and then cutting out all those bits for them ...

My dining area is almost finished and I will share some photo when I can ... 

Have a lovely day ... Thanks for popping in - I'll be back tomorrow 

~ Ros ~