Thursday, August 08, 2019

CAS Watercolour Challenge and A New Baby

Hello... I hope you are all well?

I'm popping in with a card for this month's challenge over at CAS Watercolour

Actually I was going through my cupboards to see what sprays I had to make a card for the CAS Stencil challenge when I came across a few pots of Inklingz shimmer paints... I'd totally forgotten I had them and wasn't sure if they were still usable so I got some water and a paintbrush and tried them on a scrap of card. Well they worked, so I used the painted piece to make butterflies for my card

I stamped and embossed a bunch of butterflies and fussy cut them, minus the antennae, which I die cut and added on top.
The paints have a lovely sheen which of course as you all know is very hard to photograph even when turned towards the light

The card is going to my chiropractor who sadly for me is returning to her native Norway shortly.
There's something special about her... You know sometimes when you meet someone, it's more a feeling than anything, but you just know they have something about them that makes them special? Anyway, I crocheted a cowl scarf and some finger-less gloves to give her - It gets pretty cold in Norway come the winter - and they are in soft multi-colours like these butterflies which is a bonus considering I hadn't planned to do a watercolour card today

I was going to just stamp 'Be Happy' on the card, I got the stamp out then it just disappeared! I searched everywhere but I couldn't find it at all... A mystery. So, "just a note" it is.

It's been another busy week in the Crawford household. We popped over to see hubby's new Grandson on Sunday... Meet Owen (meeting Grandpa)

Heck, I'd forgotten how tiny new babies are and we were both terrified of holding him, and they wriggle! Lol!
We've also taken advantage of the weather and had all the flagging and brick paving cleaned in the rear garden. Would you believe the council came yesterday to renew the tarmac pavements in the road too, but it was raining heavily so whilst it all looks fresh and new... there are quite a lot of bumps and dips... Still I guess we shouldn't complain.

Well, I'm going to love you and leave you for now
Take care

~ Ros ~