Sunday, January 05, 2014



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January can appear a bleak month ... 
An anti climax to Christmas and the New Year celebrations...
In the UK it's still dark at 8am and the lights go back on at 4pm ...

But it's the first month of a whole new year ... The month I was born, the month I married ...
A month of new beginnings everywhere

The trees maybe bare and the ground wet and dull ... but taking a walk around my garden yesterday I noticed that there are some beautiful things if you look closely ...

The Viburnum brightens an otherwise dull corner with her tiny and oh so pretty clusters of pink 

 Even the remains of last years blooms have such a delicate beauty

With one or two flowers still clinging

and amongst them signs of new beginnings

Of course there are always some who get a little confused and flower at the wrong time

That just makes them all the more special ... And when it comes to safety in numbers ... well, huddling together has kept these going

January in my garden ...

Every month has a beauty of it's own ... it's just a matter of taking the time to notice

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Have a beautiful day

~ Ros ~