Friday, October 01, 2010

Thank you June ...

Sweet June honoured me with this award ... Thank you so much for thinking of me ...

Well versatile is definitely me .... And I have to tell 7 truths about myself .... ok ...
1. I love to create .... anything and everything
2. I love animals and nature
3. I hate any form of cruelty or injustice
4. I am honest and loyal
5. I am organised and tidy but definitely not a neat freak ... ( note to self ... never go to stay with June or Stella) ... (or invite them to stay)
6. I love to help people 
7. I am terrified of heights
I also have to pass this on to 7 other people ... I'm going to pass on this and say that there are too many lovely people out there who have made me smile on many a dark day ... I dedicate this to all of you.

I have a little card to share too .... 

Just using up some scraps .....

Have a lovely day

Till soon