Monday, February 19, 2024

As Promised

 Hello there friends...

As promised I do have some paintings to share, mostly abstract ones today with a seascape thrown in.
Did I tell you that my camera broke? Well it did so I used my phone for these and I apologise for the blur in some of them but my hands are not at all steady.
Anyway here we go, random paint and when dry I add the little features

I haven't added sentiments as yet, took me awhile to make these into cards. I hope you enjoy them.

On another note I finally have a couple of appointments for breathing tests which I have to undergo before I see the specialist. I'm doing okay and fingers crossed that the fibrosis doesn't spread. Hubby is also doing well after his collapse, he was a bit low for a few days but is now back to his usual self.

I hope you are all doing well, till next time...

~ Ros ~


Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Happy Valentine's and Hello

 Hello there friends

I know it's been such a long time since I posted and I don't yet have anything photographed to share but I'm working on that.

It's been as hectic as ever with appointments and I had carpal tunnel surgery in January

Whilst it can't eleviate the nerve pain in my hand, it has saved me losing the use of it totally. So that left me out of action for awhile.
I am still receiving draining for the seromas since the mastectomy operation and I have been diagnosed with lung fibrosis from the radiotherapy I received so I am waiting to see a lung specialist but quite frankly it has changed my life.
I can no longer go to my exercise class and the simple things leave me breathless but I'm accepting the things I cannot change and still doing what I can including painting and sewing.

We've lost a few friends this year and yesterday we attended the funeral of a really lovely guy but there were so many people at the crematorium that we had to stand until someone gave me their seat. Unfortunately my husband became dizzy so we went out to the foyer where he collapsed. It was dreadful and I was so grateful to the people that came to help including the undertaker from the next funeral waiting to come in. 

He is fine now, and it's one of those things that can happen to him if he stands for too long - He is tall and the blood struggles to pump to his brain then he ends up fainting. It hasn't happened in a long while but this time I thought I was losing him and in the crematorium of all places with funerals arriving and unable to proceed. Somewhere there is humour in it all...

I really hope to get back to blogging more often but for now I will leave you with this 

~ Ros ~

Monday, December 04, 2023

Christmas 2023

 Hello again...

I managed to get a few cards photographed, though not great shots...




I'm loving sheep this year and atmospheric skies, all painted on cardstock. Oh and there is a lot of sparkle but I couldn't pick that up

Hope you like them

~ Ros ~

Friday, December 01, 2023

Happy December and Another Update

 Good morning dear friends...

I wanted to pop in to say hello and to thank you so much for the amazing support I have received from you during what has been a very difficult year.

I may not blog much much it doesn't mean that I am not thinking of you nor am I unaware of how many of you have sent cards, emails, gifts and prayers for me and I hope you know how much that has helped on the darkest days, especially when I know you all have your own lives and troublesome times.

I woud very much like to say that I am moving forward and putting everything behind me but it would appear that life has other plans for me and this dreadful 'thing' just won't let me go. According to the all the blurb that you read, I am one of the "rare cases" that experience late effects to the cancer treatment, namely the radiotherapy and now it has has an adverse affect on my lung leaving me breathless and once again having to change my lifestyle. 
I had been experiencing a number of things that didn't seem quite right and so I have been in and out of hospitals, with all manner of scans, bloods, meds etc. and my poor brain is fogged by it all, I'm just glad I pushed the issue with the doctors as nobody warned me of what could come.

I have made Christmas cards and they will be posted out to you and should I be able to do some photographing I will share more paintings for you. You know that creating be it with fabric or paint is my release but I have to take these meds right now and they even affect my eyesight as well as my brain so we'll see.

Next week I am back with the oncologist and hopefully I will have some answers and of course my hope is that I will recover eventually and everything I have endured this year, not just physical but emotionally will not have all been for nothing. I am or was scheduled for more surgery on my scars in January and I am still receiving draining and I probably know more about the whys and wherefores of breast cancer that I ever wanted but such is life.
Be safe my friends and I will be thinking of you
Hugs and love
~ Ros ~

Monday, September 11, 2023

Just a Few

 Hello friends...

I'm getting slightly fed up...I had hoped to be going back to my class today and seeing old friends, but it isn't happening...sigh
For the past couple of weeks the radiation burns have really been painful despite the products I am applying. I look like I fell on a barbecue and feel like it too. I can cope with the joint pains, the mouth ulcers and the hot flushes etc., All part and parcel of the treatment and drugs but with the high temperatures we've experienced this past week I feel exhausted and yeah, a little sorry for myself today...sorry.
Anyway, just ignore my moaning - I have a few cards to share with you which will be crossing the pond.
This first one was for a friend here in the UK who needed a little pick me up

The others...


You can see in a few of these that I am still using my stamps, stencils and embossing powder occasionally,
and I have gone back to using cardstock to paint on lately. The sea quotes are stamps from Inkylicious.
Actually, I got to go on a ship recently... We didn't sail anywhere, my husband had booked a day out for us to view the ship Ambition at our Liverpool Cruise Terminal and enjoy a beautiful lunch - It did cheer me up, even though I had a meltdown the night before thinking I wouldn't be able to make it. I'm so glad I did.

Be safe my friends and enjoy the wonderful season of Autumn

~ Ros ~

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Another Two Months ...

Hello and good morning

Well it's just a short post to update you and to once again thank you for yet more cards received.

I finally finished my 3 week course of radiotherapy last week...YAY!!
I'm feeling okay but as to be expected, I tire easily. I have been told to expect the worse of the symptoms to affect me 10 - 14 days after treatment but I'm staying optimistic. Come Christmas I should be well on the way to being back to 'me' and putting this past year behind me.

I've still kept busy when I can though I don't have any paintings to share with you just now as painting has taken a back seat for awhile but I do have a photo of me leaving radiotherapy behind, with Mikey and a dear friend who has been with me every step of the way...

I'm sending hugs and love and grateful thanks for sticking with me.

~ Ros ~