Friday, March 05, 2021

Playing with Purple


I hadn't planned on posting today but then I saw my blog friend Michele has joined the team at 

 I rarely play along with challenges but to surprise Michele, this one I am playing along with.
As it happens I had recently been using purple and grey in my paintings, in particular a couple of sketches I did that are supposed to be iris. See what you think

Well this was my first attempt, but definitely shades of purple

I'm not even sure if you can enter your own sketches but this is for you Michele Lol!

I hope you like it

Till soon

~ Ros ~

Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Puddle Brook Continued

 Hi there...

I wasn't going to post but Ellie was so insistent that I show you her pretty sparkly fairy dress that she got for her birthday and she wore for the wedding

unfortunately the sparkles don't show too well on the dress but they do on the hat, which is 2 sizes too big but her Mother's says she will grow into. Either way, Ellie loves it....

And the one thing she so desperately wanted you all to see are her new shoes, shiny black patent ankle straps with glitter in

I know the photo is a little blurred but Ellie couldn't keep still - swishing her dress this way and that and constantly admiring her shoes.
I'm kinda jealous... When I was a little girl all my friends had the new fashion of black patent ankle straps and I would have given anything for a pair too. However, my mother insisted that black was not a colour for little girls and I had to wait 30 years for them to be fashionable again, I bought them and still have them.

Now before I go, and I will be back with photos of the happy couple in due course, I wanted to tell you a funny story that happened on the night the families got together pre- wedding.
Aunt Grace and Uncle Harold came over... I think everyone has an Aunt Grace in their family though perhaps not called Grace... In my family it was Aunt Elise, "Great" Aunt Elise (on my Mother's side),  a tiny slip of a woman but one look could turn you to jelly. You never spoke or made a sound when she arrived and you NEVER made eye contact..
Anyway,  it turned out Claude and Harold had a lot in common, one of them being fishing and they got on like a house on fire consuming quite a bit of red wine throughout the evening until Grace decided it was time to leave. Well, Harold's beak was practically glowing as he staggered this way and that and giggled non stop when suddenly he was lying on his back, feet up in the air. "Harold!" screeched Grace, "what on earth are you doing? Get up this instant!"
" gazing" giggled Harold... "Come on old girl... don't you remember when we used to lie in the long grass star gazing? Come on down here and give us a kiss..."
Suddenly there was a ripple of muffled laughter from further down the path... Seems the whole party were watching and listening - Grace was mortified!

I dread to think what happened the following day... Poor Harold

So that's it for now... 

Have a great day

~ Ros ~

Monday, March 01, 2021

CAS Mix Up

 Hello there 

Welcome to March and Happy St David's Day!

I'm thrilled to say that this month I am back at CAS Mix Up as their Guest Designer
where they are celebrating their 5th Birthday!
Thank you so much for inviting me and many congratulations on your success
I just love their challenges, after all this is how I got into water colouring and learned so many different techniques and this month's challenge is also a 'new to me' one

If it's new to you too,  there are videos up on the blog so please check them out and don't be afraid to give to a go

Here's my card

Clean and simple, using a square die cut and distress oxides in 3 colours

I used my own cardstock rather than watercolour and painted my little square die cut first with Worn lipstick, pressed it down onto my card, then repeated with Squeezed Lemonade, then Iced spruce. You can see the colours mixed in on the 2nd two prints, well...  I forgot to dry my die cut in between - I know! And it did of course get soggy so I die cut another square (along with a frame), painted it in the same colours and voila!

I am pleased at how this turned out even with the colour transfer.  I hope you will give it a go, the team have lots more inspiration up on the blog go take a look!

Have a lovely day and thanks so much for stopping by

~ Ros ~

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Meet the Parents

 Hello from a sunny but very cold Liverpool
It's so lovely to have sunshine and March is almost here, makes me happy.

I'm glad that you enjoyed meeting Eugene - Only a few days to go before the big day and his parents have arrived safely.

Claude worked for many years on the trawlers, he always preferred to be on the sea rather than in the air and now he's retired he loves a spot of fishing on the lake near their cabin, where this photo was taken

He's a strong outdoors type of man, quiet and laid back...

By contrast, his petite wife Julia talks non stop in a nervous kind of way

Eugene is her only child and she misses him dreadfully. She insisted on bringing the happy couple a gold balloon for luck, Claude knew it wouldn't survive the journey and he was right which sent Julia into a fit of tears halfway across the North Atlantic

As the tears dripped down her beak, Claude reminded her that she'd packed a whole heap of home baked treats (just in case the Air force wasn't feeding him properly) and they would be just as pleased with that, which seemed to console her...

Preparations are well under way and even the two girls who live on the hill have been helping, collecting greenery from the forest for decoration

Till soon my friends...
~ Ros ~

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Introducing Eugene

 Hello how are you?

A day can make a big difference, I've gone from no inspiration to making up a lot of things to share. 

Today, however, I'm introducing you to a new visitor in Puddle Brook where there is great excitement... In a few days Esmeralda is getting married to Eugene a French Canadian member of the Airforce who was posted near Puddle Brook 6 months ago. It was love at first sight for both of them after he rescued her from a freak snow storm way back in September. As their love grew so did their trepidation at being separated... What if he was posted back home?

Eugene couldn't bear the thought, so on Valentine's Day,  he flew his sweetheart to Paris where he proposed... Of course Esmeralda had no hesitation in saying Yes... His good looks, his accent and the way he calls her ''Mon petit chou" makes her go weak at the knees.

She keeps this photo where he wrote "love you xxx" and all the little memories of that special day in Paris, right next to her bed.

This week Eugene's parents are flying in from Canada and the two families will enjoy a get together before the big day.

And of course for the honeymoon they will be flying back to Paris.

Don't you just love a happy story? 

I'll introduce you to Eugene's parents Claude and Julia (pronounced shoo..lia) in my next post.

Have a lovely day

~ Ros ~

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Just Paint and Pens


Yesterday the sun was glorious and I honestly thought Spring was here but today it's a completely different story.. It's really windy and the visiting kitty has been chasing leaves all over the garden, much to the amusement of my lazy fur babies.
I had a few rough days following the vaccination and it left me devoid of inspiration and energy so all I've got to share are a couple of 'messy' cards, just random watercolour that I've sketched over.

It's difficult to see but the flowers are gold and I used some old Washi tape for the border

 I used Cosmic shimmer paints with some ordinary W/C paint on this next one

Told you they were messy

At least I felt like I was doing something and I enjoyed it

Stay well and safe friends

Till next time

~ Ros ~

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