Sunday, August 09, 2015


Good Morning!

Herb is the new prompt word over at 
this morning - Picked for us by Kirsty

I have a few growing in the garden... This is the last of the Chives

I love onion and garlic so Chives fit perfectly into my lifestyle ... The flowers have died off and even they look pretty

On my windowsill I always have fresh basil

Another herb I use a lot ... It's wonderful in pasta and really compliments any tomato dish

Mint grows wild in the garden and there are a few varieties so I'm not sure which one this is but I put it with new potatoes
One other herb I love and use frequently is Rosemary

This grows in a tub in my garden ... Recently I came across a bread recipe on Pinterest 
 Rosemary and Garlic Bread (Here

It turned out exactly like the photo and tasted wonderful ... I made it a few times and tried bread flour which worked perfectly - It's wonderful with cheese toasted on top too
For my UK friends - I don't have a "skillet" but I do have a heavy casserole dish that resembles a skillet and it worked perfectly... Give it a go
And do hop on over to Our Beautiful World Blog to see what my friends are sharing ... I hope you'll share with us too.

Have a beautiful day

~ Ros ~