Friday, January 11, 2019

Project 2

Hello there...

I have another miniature to share with you today...  I seem to have accumulated lots of photos frames over the years... If I see them in a sale and I think I 'may' use them I buy them. Goodness knows how many there are hidden in cupboards... Anyway this one was put to use. I call it the sewing nook

I made a sort of half room with cardboard from cat food boxes (of which there are plenty) and spent hours making bits of furniture... I had the little sewing machine and scissor... that was the starting point. I cut out windows, shutters and a door and even made a lamp from a TH memo pin and a little vellum. It's amazing what you can find lying around and transform

Making the tiny tassel for my blind was so fiddly, I don't have delicate fingers at all!  But it all worked in the end

I fitted the half room into the frame and cut cardboard to slot into the back of the frame and the top and bottom so it is all neat and secure - I haven't decided whether to light this up yet... I'm still thinking on that one. I've had a few birthday cards to make so I'm chopping and changing from one thing to another and I seem to have had a stream of visitors lately and requests to meet up... My boss from 17 years ago even rang and asked if we could meet up... It's turning into a busy start to the year.

Have a lovely day and thanks so much for your visit

~ Ros ~