Friday, January 29, 2021

Birthday Shakers

 Hello friends... 

Not much to report this week, we are okay and still awaiting our vaccination appointments - Many of our friends have already had theirs so we'll have to be patient.

February is almost upon us and for me there are lots of cards required, both birthday and anniversary at least I've made a start. Today I'm sharing two shaker cards that I made for friends' birthdays.

When I have little pieces of card around I tend to stencil on them or paint something, or both. Here I used a couple of those as the background for my shaker cards. 

The stencil I used here is a Lavinia one and I painted the flower on top. The flower frame I used is rectangular in shape (as you will see in my second card) but the painting was a square shape... I remedied that by placing a square frame over the rectangle and just trimming it.

Now you can see the full rectangle frame (bought sometime ago from AliExpress) and the little dragon flies are also part of the frame...They were painted with cosmic shimmer paints (on both cards) as was the stamped butterfly

I find it a lot easier to make the shaker part as a separate unit and then attach it to the card. I've got lots of these little painting and lots of sequins! So I can see more of these being made - The recipients seem to enjoy them as much as I do making them.

Be safe and stay well and thank so much for dropping by today

Till soon

~ Ros ~