Monday, September 20, 2021

It's All Black and White

 Hello friends!

I hope you are enjoying September, the weather here has been lovely. The mornings have a crisp autumnal feel but then the sun arrives, apologising for the awful August we endured.

Truthfully I haven't picked up my craft supplies in ages. My last posts were both scheduled for my GD spot and then I just got caught up doing other things, but not yesterday...
Yesterday afternoon I spent a few hours with my sketch book doodling away and then I made 4 cards which are quite different from the norm as all I used were a fine liner pen and an ordinary pencil. See what you think...

Often my shading gets lost in painting or copic colouring, using just a pencil helps me to learn

They kinda look strange, black and white - Like I converted them but I can assure you it's just pencil

Well of course there had to be mushrooms... My repertoire is not that vast Lol! 

And my last one? You guessed it right?

Aww, I had to have a cat, mine are always close by.

Every time I do something I learn a little more. For example I have a rough time doing ears on animals but the cat you see here started off with just the eyes and nose and I worked outwards doing the fur. I was going to leave it at just the eyes and nose but once I got the resemblance of a face the ears just 'fitted'.

I'd love to know what you think...

Thanks so much for your visit, enjoy your day/ evening. I've just done a flexercise class and I'm aching all over Lol!

Till next time

~ Ros ~