Friday, September 18, 2020

Stencil and Sketching

Good morning my friends...

Well, we are more than halfway through September... The leaves are starting to fall and the darn squirrels have strewn acorns all over the garden.

I'm still trying to get some ideas for Christmas cards but it's just not happening. I'm probably the only one who is not a fan of Christmas. I like things simple and everything now is so commercialized. Give me an old fashioned Christmas when the smallest of gifts was a genuine kindness,  families enjoyed each other and whether they were religious or not, the meaning was never forgotten...

So, no Christmas cards to share but I do have a couple of cards using a Lavinia stencil and my own sketched flowers

It is so much easier to draw around paints than just sketch but I had a go

The mushrooms are also a Lavinia stamp which was on my desk so why not. Looking at this now I am thinking that maybe I could even try sketching into those pebble shapes. I might give that a go...

Both cards are similar but I think I prefer this one

What about you?

One thing I'll always love are my distress inks and stencils, how they can totally transform a plain piece of card into something pretty with very little effort.

I hope you are all well and safe, though I know some of you are struggling with  forest fires and have to stay indoors... What a year this has been

I hope these have brightened your day a little. Take care and thanks so much for your visit

~ Ros ~