Thursday, January 24, 2019

Project 3 - Beachside

Good morning...
Another week is almost over.. It's been cold and miserable and I'm longing for Spring to arrive as I'm sure you all are... Lately I've been longing for the beach, warm sunshine and waves rolling on the sand, which prompted my latest miniature project "Beachside"
In case you are wondering... I never had a dolls house when I was a kid and funnily enough they never interested me... I just like making things and recycling I suppose.

The wooden frame was the 'inner' left from my previous project... Just a 6x6 square which I then made into a shadow box and it went from there...
I made the window with square dies and bits of card and behind the glass (acetate) is a voile curtain... I also made a windowledge from card then added wooden beams and die cut some oars. 
Everything else is just improvised ... The bird on a perch wind chime was an earring to which I added some shells... the little flip flops, ship and anchor were all charms I've collected over the years and the umbrella is a paper cocktail stick that I pressed into a piece painted cork from a wine bottle
Can you see the ceiling light? That's a candle tealight wrapped in hessian and fitted into the ceiling with access for the switch above... More hessian for the mat with a hand sewn cushion and a piece of toweling and finally a fence that I also had in my stash together with a washi tape banner.
That's it for today... Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day
~ Ros ~