Friday, September 15, 2017


Hello... Happy friday!
Rain has held off so far today and the sun is shining so that can't be bad. I haven't done any papercrafting lately except for club stuff, instead I got out my crochet hooks and I'd like to introduce you to Bluebell
I'm progressing slowly and here I experimented with making curly hair - I used a pencil to wrap wool around, heated it with my heat tool and voila! It worked!

I found the pattern for the boots Here   I did find them a bit fiddly at first but I succeeded and added my own little frill to them. 
The dress was another story... I'm slowly learning to find my own way

...So much so that her friend "Daffodil" is almost finished too. 
As for my Aunt, well she finally got the go ahead to travel and then the hospital called asking her for more blood tests... They were supposed to do them yesterday but once again it's been cancelled until next week.
I have a strong belief that everything happens for a purpose so I'm just happy to wait... And anyway my hubby has to go to hospital next week... They found an abnormality in one of his scans, fingers crossed it will be ok.... It's been a hectic few weeks but at least I can lose myself in my hobbies.
I hope you have a lovely day and your upcoming weekend is a good one...
Till soon
~ Ros ~