Sunday, April 14, 2019

Dreamcatcher and A Cat Mystery....

Hello and happy Sunday...

This will probably be my last post for awhile... We are away in a few days and over the Easter period so Mikey is in charge of the house and the cats. Talking of which, Missy is now fully fit and Tabby? Well that's a mystery.

You know of our disastrous attempts to catch him and have a vet see to his festering sore and hopefully get him neutered once and for all to prevent these injuries not to mention hundreds of unwanted kittens!
So, imagine our surprise when he turned up for his tea time feed a couple of days ago with the fur around the sore gone and the sore itself no longer infected!!! WTH!! Come on!
Over 5 years we've looked after this boy, fed him, built a house for him, regularly given him worming tablets, flea stuff and pain medication when he's been injured. Heck, we even nursed him round the clock when he got flu. So unless he fixed himself, or some kind soul managed to trapped him and had him treated, but not neutered??? He never was a stray and his owners are totally irresponsible.

At least he is okay and that's the main thing.

Okay, on to my card which features a die I've had for a few months (Aliexpress) and never got around to using

I cut the feather part of the die again from a scrap of triple embossed card I still had and overlaid them on top of the originals... I even got the centre heart out of that scrap Lol!

Then I thought it would look better with a frame to match so I die cut a frame, added Versamark to it and used my embossing powders a few times...

The stenciled background piece was one I did ages ago and never used... It was stenciled from a die cut.

I'm wishing you all a blessed Easter... The UK temperatures are set to soar for that weekend too
Be safe, don't eat too much chocolate and I'll catch up when we get back


~ Ros ~