Sunday, June 05, 2016

Reflection or Reflection?

Hello ... How are you?

Today's prompt at Our Beautiful World is Reflection

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Wen picked the prompt this week and it seems ironic ...Things have happened that have caused me to do some reflecting of my own but first up, here are my photos

I love this shot, it makes me feel calm, even though the day I took it, it is was not so calm ... It is the ideal place I would sit and just reflect on things in life

The simple sweet and beautiful things....

The warm and happy times

...The sun closing down a perfect day, reflecting a trail of gold

And the unexpected things that mystify and amaze, and sometimes throw you off balance...

I've not been blogging much except for DT work ... It's a time issue 
 A friend of mine is terminally ill and for reasons I won't go into her daughter has opted out of any involvement... 
I've been going in to see her daily in the hospice and as well as getting her out into the garden for short spells, it has been left to me to help her make big decisions... 
Don't get me wrong, I am only too happy that I can be there for her and do whatever I can to ease her mind and let her know she is not alone and she is loved...We are old friends, she trusts me, that means a lot and it's a big thing. But I need to get things right and it isn't always simple

So yes, I've been reflecting a lot on things, including our many years of friendship... and how blessed we are to know each other

Till soon my friends, take care

~ Ros ~