Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Rusty Arch & Seahorse

 Hello there... Lovely that you popped in today

We're having such crazy weather here, from beautiful blue skies and sunshine one minute to torrential rain, lightening and hailstones all in one day. We managed to get the flagging in the garden professionally cleaned and now I can't even go out to enjoy it...The cats seem to think it's my fault and they've been so grouchy you wouldn't believe.
See how clean it looks though


You can see those black clouds heading over again

Anyway, I did get a visit from a friend yesterday and that was really enjoyable. So today I have two very different cards to share, both using up bits I had laying around

This is Paris through the rusty arch (It's all that rain!)

A little bit of pen and paint and a lot of embossing with different powders

The frame and bicycle were originally white die cuts and though the Eiffel tower is a digital, with the help of an embossing pen I managed to cover that too.

The next one is an unusual combination... A seahorse and a butterfly?

Well the butterfly frame is a very old digital... I collected lots over the years and finally went through them all disposing of a lot but not the frames. The seahorse was cut from a piece of alcohol inked photo paper and never used so I added some liquid pearls and a gem for his eye to make him feel special. 

Male seahorses are special I think, after all they carry the baby eggs until they hatch. Can you imagine a man carrying a baby for us ladies? No, me either Lol! 
A little bit of paint, a scrap die cut and there you have it, a butterfly and a seahorse, unusual but I like it.

Well I've kept you long enough... Have a beautiful day and stay well

Till next time

~ Ros ~