Sunday, November 13, 2016


Good morning ...

I've picked the prompt today at  Our Beautiful World
The word is Strange

I'm really interested to see what you come up with... Here are a few things I found strange

Ok, so you may have encounter one of these ... A Praying Mantis. I had not! In fact I thought it was a leaf, those wings really look like the leaves that surrounded the wall (well, that's the point I guess) and that little guy obliged when I took his photo - See him looking straight at me and smiling?

 DH told me he was dangerous and could sting me badly ... Of course DH was wrong and this strange little creature was not the least camera shy, he even did a little dance for me

Now you may wonder what is strange about this structure

Well I'm not quite sure what it is... A boat house? Somewhere to store fishing nets? That's what I thought, given that it was in a fishing port. What I found strange was the size of the green door and those little steps... You can see people in the photo - They certainly wouldn't fit through that door. So "who lives in house like this" Haha!

Nature creates strange sights and many wonders  ... I love to see the world 'wake up' the older you get the more you appreciate every new day that dawns.. When we are abroad I love to rise early and in particular take in the open sea...It's so peaceful and calming with just the odd fishing boat returning laden with the night's catch or a cruise ship sailing silently on the horizon. This last holiday the sun rose to my left and the view to my right was the blue sea

So how strange that one particular morning everything that should have been blue was bathed in a peachy pink glow

I grabbed my camera as I'd never see a sea so pretty

Strange but beautiful ...

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Have a beautiful day

~ Ros ~