Friday, July 13, 2012

Photo overload

Ok ... so I'm really getting a little fed up of the rain now ...

The flowers are bending under the weight of it all

Everywhere is lovely and green

... but wet... thank goodness for the tumble drier!

So I'm off to Cadiz ... want to come? only by photo and memory of course ...
We visited there on a Sunday so the streets were pretty empty

because everyone was heading for the beach

and what a beautiful beach ... the temperature was in the 90's

We took a tour bus ... so some of these photos are not so good 

The city of Cadiz is full of beautiful architecture

... and an amazing cathedral which has this dome on top ... with gold tiles 

It can be seen from miles away and it was done this way so that the ships from America would see it and be guided into port .... Many of the buildings had lookout towers (4 on this building) which again were to see the merchant ships from overseas

The cathedral stands on one side of a square where we stopped for coffee

... then took a stroll through the little cobbled streets to another beautiful part

This beautiful building practically faces the sea and is surrounded by apartments on one side and pretty bars on the other ( look at those lamps!)

I want one of these apartments!

... Cadiz is a lovely lovely city ... clean and pretty with amazing buildings and history ... even Roman ruins ... and I was very taken by the lamps!

Have a lovely day

~ Ros ~