Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Stamps and Stencils

Hello there
I hope you are having a good week...  

I had a play yesterday with stencils and stamps... Honestly I am struggling to get back into card making but I'm running short of cards as there's been a lot of birthdays this month 

Here's a couple that I did yesterday

 I did some stenciling and stamped over it then used some edge dies to give it this shape

And ribbon... Yep, I still have rather a lot of it even though you hardly ever see me use it now

The second card is a little busy but I kinda like it

I've never used that stencil before... it was given to me a long while back. That's an old stamp and it looks a little like fireworks don't you think... Not that I was going for that at the time

I've had a few sessions at the Chiropractor lately to help my neck and shoulders, so, much as I'd like to, I can't sit for too long at the computer and it isn't exactly sunbathing weather here... Maybe I'll find my mojo and get some more cards done.

Have yourselves a great day

~ Ros ~