Thursday, August 27, 2020

Paint and Sketching

 Hello friends... How are you all?

I've been following the news and  if Covid wasn't enough some of you are now enduring forest fires, storms and hurricanes...  I am so sorry and hope that you and your families are safe.

It's about time I did some blogging and shared some new cards with you. I had a visit from my brother at the end of last week, we hadn't seen each other since probably January so you can imagine how good it was and it was followed up with another visit yesterday with his granddaughter Sophie tagging along. She has been desperate to visit me so we were pretty careful and had a fun day making a sock sheep and she had me laughing till I cried. Needless to say I am pretty tired today.

So here are a couple of cards I did recently

This one was pretty simple and I like the colour combination

My fineliners are running out and I was checking all my pens to see what worked best till the new ones come. Working on cardstock as opposed to watercolour card makes a big difference... The pens need to be a lot finer with card and I discovered an ordinary biro worked perfectly here

...with random paint streaks and some sparkly gold paint.

For this I  randomly put down some paint blobs and then sketched over them

The frame was cut from painted card splattered with gold sparkle which really doesn't show up here as we are sorely lacking in sunshine

I hope you like them.

Be safe and thanks so much for visiting me... Hopefully I will share more cards this week

~Ros ~