Friday, March 27, 2020

For Friends

Hi! How are you doing?

Well we've had the most beautiful weather lately but don't get too jealous... It's not going to last.
It takes the gloom out of everything though - Our Prime Minister has tested positive for the virus, along with Prince Charles whilst we alas, have no testing available, so we have to just hope and enjoy the sunshine whilst we can

I've already sent some of my painted cards to friends - DH wanted me to frame them all but it seems stupid to keep them all especially now - Here are 3 more which have also been sent to friends

Honestly I don't know what I like doing best... Painting or doodling 

I know one thing... I can churn these out much quicker than ordinary cards 

You all know I lost my best friend last October... Amongst her many talents, was a brilliant artist and sculptor. Today would have been her birthday and I can't help but think how much she would have loved that I am attempting to paint albeit in my own way and my own style... 

Stay well my friends... 

~ Ros ~