Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Alcohol Inks on Vellum

 Hello again...

Have you tried alcohol inks on vellum? I hadn't until yesterday. I didn't even know you could use them on  vellum but I live and learn, courtesy of those clever ladies at The CAS Mix Up and all you talented people who share tips and tricks.

So whilst clearing my desk I found a small piece of vellum and thought I'd give it a go... I grabbed the first few AI's that would open (it's been awhile so some are stuck tight) and I was amazed. What to do next? Well, it's taking me a little time to get back into card making but I got there

So I have a card to for my friend's birthday and I one can enter at

And at The Flower Challenge

My splatters and liquid pearls are the spots...

I have no idea what vellum this is... I bought tons for wedding invitations I made a few years back but many of the packs I got were not white enough so I didn't use them. However, it worked well with AI's and the stamping / embossing of the flower, which I fussy cut and added white gel pen to.

I don't know what you call those teeny tiny beads or why I had 2 packs in my stash (now 1.5 packs as the floor got the rest) nor do I get how you are supposed use them... Heck they roll EVERYWHERE but somehow I got a bunch to stay. Maybe I should have used a dish? Splattering gold Poca paint is so much easier

Now you know what I'll be doing with all those pieces of vellum from now on

By the way the flower is an Hibiscus but I can't stop seeing a pansy now... Huh

Enjoy your day/evening

~ Ros ~