Thursday, December 28, 2017

Birthday Boy

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Santa was very kind to you.
Are you looking forward to the New Year?I know we are... 
2017 has been a tough year for us and today I go for a pre-op assessment for my surgery due in just over a weeks' time so I'm hoping that in a few months time hubby and I will be able to enjoy life again.

I can hardly believe that Mikey will be 35 tomorrow... Oh my, where did those years go? How I miss those little arms around my neck and smothering him in kisses that always made him giggle. Now he's over 6 foot tall, far too big for me pick up and cuddle but he'll always be my baby.

You probably know that he adores animals and especially cats, so here's the birthday card I've made for him

Of course the cats are supposed to represent Ginger Boy and Missy - The 'birthday wishes' was cut on my cameo

It's freezing cold here today but so far we are not bogged down with snow... I do hope you are keeping safe and warm and wish you all a beautiful day

~ Ros ~