Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Frosty the snowman and Cat news

I hope you're having a good week

I mention that I got the new digital stamps from Pink Petticoat ... one of which was a penguin and one a snowman ... Here's a card I made using the little snowman

He's cute isn't he

The sentiment comes with the stamps

If you are interested in an update on the Cat read on ... if not please feel free to move on

 I had a busy day yesterday part of which was spent at the vet's with my friend ... Her cat usually goes to the PDSA for treatment but the past few weeks their dental equipment has been broken and they said her elderly cat needed a tooth extraction ... My friend was really upset so I took her to my vet and and had her fully checked out ... Amazingly all her blood test were good and the teeth too! The relief was worth every penny and the 2 hours spent there ... For years my friend was led to believe the cat had severe kidney problems but tests ruled this out ... Yay!
The other good news is about the tabby cat living here ... I needed to collect meds for her (she had worms yuk!) and the vet said that if we can get her to them they would take her in and find her a good home! 

Right now she's cosy in her new 'hutch'... She's been living in it since I made it and we bring her in a few times a day for a little fussing ... away from the other cats of course! 
Not wishing to disturb her I took these photos through the window so they are not too good but you can see what I mean

I think she likes the fish on the waterproof covering Lol!

Now she's been medicated I'm hoping she will feel better and let us catch her without any stress.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a good result ...

Bet you think I'm crazy huh?

Have a good day and thanks for stopping by

~ Ros ~