Saturday, April 18, 2020

Who's Got the Sun?

So we were just enjoying the lovely weather and 'poof' - It's gone!
Not only that but now blogger is sick... I've left comments where I can but some blogs are not showing photos or allowing me into comments... I fear mine is probably the same. 

In any event I'm sharing a couple of creations, maybe you can see them maybe not?

I was asked by a friend's sister if I would sell her one of my watercolour paintings... Heck no, but I would gift her one so I did this for her

She was so happy and sent me a photo of it all framed.

When it comes to flowers, if you asked me what my favourite is I would struggle. Daffodils would be right up there in my top 3... Especially the simple yellow ones - They're like smiley faces after a cold and miserable winter, not that I don't love layered daffodils that look like they are wearing  froo froo skirts.. You can tell I'm not good on specific varieties Lol!
But one of my very favourite flowers has to be Lysanthia, I just love the delicate rose like flowers they have and the tall buds. This is my attempt at sketching and painting a stem

I do hope you are all staying well.. Hopefully Spring will return soon, isolating is so much easier when we can enjoy the sunshine. Take care my friends

Till soon

~ Ros ~