Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Me & You Album

Hi there!

I have a little chunky album to show you which I made for my husband's new DIL

My DH must think he's in the secret service ... I only get told things on a "need to know" basis, hence I only found out on friday that his son and DIL would be coming to see us on Sunday and that they were off to Australia soon ... So this little album was a rush job and as we missed the wedding due to DH being in hospital ... I only had a few phone photos to work with

The album is a total mish mash of different papers and embellishments

... and I used a lot of things my blog friends have sent me too, like that pretty spray of pink stones

Albums are great for using up little bits and pieces

This cute arrow had been hiding away for years

...along with glittery letters and unused die cuts

I love adding texture with fabrics scraps and making little pockets 

...To conceal photos or journalling

 The happy couple loved it and that makes it all worthwhile

On another note -sick cats
 ... My Aunt called to say her cat was not well. my friend was distraught because her cat was sick and had to stay at the vets ... and my two have also been ill. 
I was the vets early 
this morning 
with a howling Gispsy ... she's had a painkiller injection for her cystitis and I have some meds to give her which will hopefully get her better and maybe, just maybe I can get some sleep... I am, after all £100 lighter in the pocket and I've been up at 5am every morning for days now ... to say I'm tired is an understatement ... 

Blogger has not been very cooperative either lately ... is it just me?

I hope you're having a better week 

Take care and thanks for looking in on me

Till soon

~ Ros ~