Thursday, November 12, 2020

Bunny Celebrations

 Hello Friends... I hope you are all well

Yesterday was a friends' birthday and whilst I would normally be round at her house enjoying a chat, this year of course I could only stand at her gate. Still it was better than nothing, and I got to visit the Chiropodist... Busy week huh?

Here's the card I made for my friend

The card I made in my previous post had my own sketched bunny but this little bunny is a digital, the branch is a stamp from Inkylicious and the stencils are from Lavinia

There are a few celebrations this week - My brother Ron celebrates his Golden Wedding anniversary and my brother Rick has a birthday, so whilst I had the stencils and stamps out, I also made the Anniversary card in a similar vein

...because I know they will like this and honestly? I didn't have any other ideas Lol!

The stickles give it lots of sparkle as well as the stamped stars which are embossed with a glitter embossing powder

Ricks card was a little different...No bunny I promise. I'll share it in my next post.

The mass testing here seems to be going well, the army are doing a fabulous job, though it does not include our household. Whilst we live in Liverpool, the boundaries are a little different and we come under a different council which as yet isn't included. So far over 200 hundred people who thought they were fine, no symptoms at all, were found to have the virus. Unfortunately like lots of other places we have our fair share on non believers in both the virus and the quarantine measures so the light at the end of the tunnel keeps flickering.

Stay safe and well my friends, thanks so much for keeping me going all this time, your friendship is really appreciated

Till next time

~ Ros ~