Saturday, October 16, 2021

This and That

 Hello lovely people... Another week has gone by in the blink of an eye.
I only have one card to share today, whilst I have a ton of stuff, I just haven't made them up into cards yet but I needed a birthday card so pulled out one of my many paintings

I drew and painted this ages ago and maybe it was just a bit too busy or too vibrant, I don't know but I left it to one side. Then I thought maybe with a bit of vellum over the top it would be better.... Glitter coated of course

I'm still doing battle with this new computer... I have to say I really REALLY don't like the keyboard - I've re- typed that many times I can't tell you. It's so touch sensitive.

On other news I went to see a physio yesterday, as you know I have been struggling with my knee and lately my hip area. Turns out that it is all linked to the muscle that runs the length of my leg, it's very tight. I was pushed and prodded and it hurt so bad, I though heck I'm paying for this pain. This morning it hurt even more. Hopefully it will settle down before my next visit.
What else have I been up to... Well, sewing and crotcheting to name a few - Here's a little peek at one of my finished crotched garments

I'm self taught in most things, well, all things really but I enjoy trying except when things don't work out... Like a top I started sewing yesterday which just isn't working out like I'd hoped. Maybe I'll salvage something out of it, if not there's always my paint to soothe me.

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe

Till next time

~ Ros ~

Saturday, October 09, 2021

And so ends another week...

 Hello there... This week has gone so fast! 

It's very dull here today but we've enjoyed a few days of really warm weather and nature isn't quite sure what to make of things. Flowers are blooming...

Alongside the holly...

...and the garden chairs are out again.

On Monday I went to my flexercise class and had fun with the ladies as we tried to master new steps and positions that taxed the brain as much as the body. I never thought exercise could make me laugh so much.
Wednesday was lunch with my friends and Thursday was flu jab day. The jab left me feeling really rough but I was determined not to miss a catch up (last night) with my long time GF's. I dosed up on paracetamol, went along and had a brilliant night.
I did fit in a little crafty time and have a couple of cards to share 

I just paint randomly and then look for shapes I can outline and remove paint here and there with water

The second card is done the same way

And I also used a grey pencil 
I'll catch up with your blogs soon, in the meantime have a lovely day and thank you for stopping by

~ Ros ~

Monday, October 04, 2021

Falling Leaves

 Hello... How are you? Good I hope.

After my last post, my lovely brother came to the rescue and plumbed in a new tap so all is good there. As for my knee, lets just say I am getting nowhere... The system has completely broken down as far as GP's go. It's no wonder people are clogging the A&E and Walk In centres... I give up.

Other than that I have been trying to get to grips with a new computer. I had my iMac for over 12 years and it served me well but it was getting so slow so I decided to treat myself to a new one. Unfortunately the programs I was so familiar with have all gone along with normal size USB's so I am hoping that my card today looks okay. I had to buy a hub to plug my camera into so I could download and then fathom out where it went to etc...

So... A card for the challenge at the CAS Mix Up

I do love their challenges and this is another I hadn't tried. There are different techniques shared on the blog - I tried a few till I found one that suited me and finally a card

I used rose leaves, painted them with watercolours, lay them onto my card and smoothed them down with a piece of kitchen roll and waited a few seconds before peeling them off. I should point out that the stronger the value of the paint, the better the result and I think using plain smooth card was better than watercolour paper or card.

I die cut a stencil for the background,  painted in part of a tree and added some fallen berries

The sentiment from Uniko has been stamped and embossed.

I'm off to do some baking now... Well, I have done an exercise class and I've lost weight so I deserve a treat. Lemon meringue it is then...

Have a lovely day/evening

Till next time

~ Ros ~