Sunday, August 10, 2014

Our Beautiful World

Hello ... Happy Sunday to you

It's my turn to come up with a prompt at

Our Beautiful World

This week and I have chosen Aromatic

This is one of my pretty geraniums ...  It has a beautiful aroma.
There are so many things that are Aromatic, some just can't be captured... like the heady scent after a rainfall ... or new cut grass... bread baking and coffee brewing
Some aromas can transport you back to another time and place ... or remind you of someone who is no longer around...
Some things only have to be touched to discover their Aromatic secret like the lavenders in my garden

They may appear delicate but their aroma is strong and lingering

The same goes for some of the herbs I have



...and Rosemary ... one of my favourite herbs

Do you have a favourite aroma? We'd love you to share your photos for the prompt at 

Our Beautiful World

Have a beautiful day

~ Ros ~