Thursday, January 22, 2015



It's been a busy week again - I've also been preparing a project for tonights Thursday Club in between seeing to the workmen and all the other jobs that seem to fall my way ... I thought retirement was supposed to be relaxing ... I guess a woman never retires huh?

One of my GF's celebrates her birthday and wedding anniversary this weekend
Here's the anniversary card I made her

A kind of mish mash of things here ... I'm still using up bits and pieces together with some embellishments I received as gifts
That lovely flower charm was one of a bunch my sweet friend Ira sent me

...and those cute lovebirds came from my friend Stella
Just a simple card I know, but I like it.....

A Christmas card arrived today from my lovely blog friend Rebecca - It was posted 9th December!! Not sure if the delay is down to the US mail service or Royal Mail - maybe both... but it was worth the wait - take a look

What a talented lady ... I love those colours

Well I'm freezing here so I'm off to get a hot drink ...

Have a lovely day / evening

~ Ros ~