Friday, November 02, 2012

Feeding time

Good morning!
I hope you are well ...

I don't have anything creative to share with you today ... So I am going to share a few photos of the little guys and gals that turn up here at my door every day and night for feeding ...

First up the night time feeders ....

Mr & Mrs Prickles

Excuse the photos ... they are such a shy pair ... they run like crazy when the outdoor light is activated
So I had to take this in the dark behind glass

Then there are the daytime feeders ... Meet Ginger ... a little guy who turned up over a year ago in rather a poor state ... He likes to be free, but with a lot of love and some good food inside him ... he's really improved in size and health ... even his coat has grown back 

Then of course there are the gatecrashers ... they are well looked after but think it's ok to call for dinner here too ... 
This is Teddy ... aptly named don't you think?

At the last count she has 5 homes she regularly visits ... She loves to come in and play with my cats toys ... or a ball of silver paper!


This cat is nasty! She is the reason Gipsy left home ... but she comes here everyday 

And of course you remember this guy 

I took this photo this morning ... he was letting me know he was around and got some nuts for his trouble ...
They all keep my busy - especially when they all turn up at once! 

I also want to say Thank you to my lovely friends ... Kirsty and Linda ... 
Linda sent me this lovely card

Isn't that pretty!

And Kirsty sent me these ... They are so lovely 

Thanks so much to you both

My hubby has gone off to London to catch up with his brother ... they are going to a football match together tomorrow ... I am relishing a couple of days of doing what I please

Have a lovely weekend ... 

Till soon

~ Ros ~