Sunday, September 18, 2016

Our Beautiful World and A Special Pet

Good morning...

I got to choose the prompt at Our Beautiful World this week and I chose


As well as some photos I have a little story to share

This is the latest addition to our home... Missy

You all know I come from a family of animal lovers and for most of my life we've had pets and cared for many sick and stray animals... None get turned away here
I've always had at least one cat and each one has a place in my heart but some pets when they die, leave a void in your heart that's hard to fill, like my dogs

and Holly

Unless you've been fortunate to have that special relationship, it's hard to explain.

I have a special relationship with my beautiful Ginger boy

 Ginger was a stray that visited us regularly for a few years until he turned up one day sick and injured so we were able to catch him, get him treated and neutered and from then on he's never left my side. We think he must be around 8 years old now.
Recently we acquired Missy ... 

She'd either been abandoned or lost and despite months of trying to find her owner, no one came forward, so she is now with us.
Surprisingly, far from being annoyed that a new cat has come to live with us, Ginger boy has turned out to be the best 'babysitter' ever.  Missy is young and full of mischief and has no idea of the dangers around

and wherever she roams, Ginger boy is watching

She managed to escape the boundaries at the rear of our house close to where there is a main road and sadly where our other cat Gipsy was killed earlier this year... We were frantic, but we watched in amazement as Ginger squeezed himself through a tiny gap to reach her and whatever he said to her, I don't know, but her ears went back and she hung her head as if in shame and she slowly turned and skulked back to the safety of our garden... She's never gone there again but a week later she vaulted over the front fence and ran off into the neighbourhood... Once again Ginger appeared and followed her calling out as he went... Within half an hour she was back with Ginger strolling behind her.

He's one very special pet and I love him to bits

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~ Ros ~