Monday, June 15, 2020

Curious Bunnies

Well a big thank you to my blog friend Michele who blew over some sunshine all the way from Michigan Lol! 
Somewhere along the way it picked up the mother of all storms which hit us on Saturday evening...It's been a long time since we witnessed a storm like that and rain that came down in torrents. I think it was a highlight to many over here who are shielding and something amazing to watch.

Today I'm sharing two cards I painted and my attempt at bunnies

I don't know if bunny rabbits eat oranges or maybe he's just curious about the robin.
I've never owned a rabbit so I don't know much about them

This guy is curious about those purple berries... Me too, I haven't a clue what they are

 But Mum is keeping a eye on him

I don't have any news to share today, so I'll wish you all a lovely week

Stay well

~ Ros ~