Thursday, February 24, 2022

CAS Mix Up

 Hello again...

It's just a quick post, squeezing in at the last minute with a card for the 

I hadn't planned on entering, I don't buy magazines, but I came across a little advert on a perfume sample that sparked me into action

The tiny perfume bottle was enough to use with tulip stamps ( Clearly Besotted). I was originally going to use the whole row of tulips but I ended up cutting just the 2 coloured ones.
The background circle they are on was a left over piece of paper from some ink blending I did... I just really liked the colours and shapes.

The sentiment is made up from 2 stamps (a very old set by Waltzing Mouse) which I cut to get the 2 words. They didn't want to 'bend' into a curve but I found by adding some double sided tape to an acrylic block I was able to manipulate them. 
The tiny bits of pollen (dots) that form a heart are just done with a glitter pen.

A final note...My CT injection was ... Not something I would be eager to go through again in a hurry but fingers crossed that in a few days those same fingers will be pain free. 

Thank you again for all your lovely comments

Till soon

~ Ros ~

Wednesday, February 23, 2022


 Well hello!
I hope this finds you well. We've experienced a lot of storms lately and apart from losing a lot of fencing around our property we are okay.
Thanks so much for all your support regarding my health issues - I have come to terms with what has to be done and later today I am having a CT injection in the hope that it relieves me of the pain I am struggling with. I discovered that I also have a problem with high pressure in one of my eyes and the optician has no clue why... I don't do things by half do I?
I had a wonderful week last week with friends visiting, lunching with my GF's and my brother Ron came over and he had my other brother Rick in tow. I haven't seen him for about 5 years and I was so Happy! It was wonderful and gave me the lift I needed

So yesterday I did managed to make a few cards... My fingers don't grip too well but I have so many sketched and painted pieces and bits that I ought to use up so I'll share a couple today and maybe some later in the week...
First up is an anniversary card for my friend

I drew and painted the image and added a little bit of card that was embossed and swiped with a platinum ink pad then added glitter and gold leafing the to image


I'm just squeezing this in at 
The next card is a birthday card I made using up one of my painted pieces and a flower I painted ages ago from  digital stamp I got from Etsy

The centre of the flower is done with liquid pearls

Sometimes I just find pieces that go together and I think these work well together and I'm entering it at 

The Flower Challenge

 As always I wish you a beautiful day... I'll visit you all soon

Take care

~ Ros ~

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Such is Life

 Hello friends....

My apologies for not having visited you for a while, life has thrown me a few curveballs lately and I'm trying to deal with it.
All my results are back and the good news is that my spinal fusion is fine albeit that the stenosis has herniated another disc but so far it isn't causing any problems. The other results are not so favourable and I have to undergo surgery again, I don't have a choice.  Five discs in my neck  have succumbed to stenosis and osteoarthritis and are pressing on my spinal cord causing the nerve pains in my arm, eventually they will cause total paralysis so you see why I have no options.
It certainly wasn't the news I was expecting or prepared for and I am still trying to come to terms with it. I have to go to a specialist hospital but I have no idea when this will be as Covid created a huge backlog of patients. In the meantime I am hoping things don't get worse - I feel like I am living on a knife edge.

Anyway, I do have a couple of cards to share - I did do a few paintings but so far I have not been able to make them into cards, my fingers have become less dexterous.

This first card is a birthday card I sent to my lovely blog friend Greta... I hope it arrived and that you enjoyed a wonderful birthday Greta.

Sorry if the photos are a little blurry

And another birthday card for a friend

I painted the plant but the balloons are stenciled and I even use some glitter - I've still got pots of the stuff in all colours

I'm hoping to visit you all today and see waht you've been up to.

Stay well and have a good day

~ Ros ~