Thursday, July 30, 2020

Little Birds

Hello again...Are you well?
Today we were expecting sunshine and 25C Temperatures, well I can assure you it's far from that here, maybe later it will brighten up.

As well as trying to get to grips with this new blogger system, I've been using up some watercolour scraps. The little bird stamps (an old set by Winnie & Walter) were just the right size

Sometimes when I have no inspiration I stamp, emboss and paint leaves which always get used one way or another

They're a bit of a motley crew these little guys but they make me smile

Especially these chubby little ones

Which reminds me, our government is now asking us to lose weight and get fit in an attempt to help our chances of survival should we contract the virus. I guess I need to put on some disco music and do a few twirls...

Have yourselves a lovely day

~ Ros ~