Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Cards

Well we were told to expect severe gales last night ... but so far we have been lucky here and they missed us out ... tonight we are on another alert ...
I think I have almost finished my Christmas cards ... just need to do one for my hubby and one for my son ... funny how I always seem to leave them till last ...
This one is for my brother Bill ...

and my DH asked me to make some pocket cards for some of the ladies he used to work with

Must admit ... these are my favourite kind of cards at the moment ... but I'm sure you know that

Those pretty doilies came from my friend Stella

I'll share some little gifts with you later in the week ... right now I have to move around ... my back is really hurting and after 2 months I am still limping ... the arthritis in my foot causes me to limp which puts my back out ... so tomorrow I am seeing my Chiropractor and friday ... seeing the GP for a referral to the foot consultant ... other than that ... everything is good!

Hope you are having a good day

Till soon

~ Ros ~