Saturday, February 01, 2014

Colours of Nature

Hello again ...

This is my second post today ... Feel free to scroll down

My DH has been occupied with the football on TV so after doing a bit of baking I settled down to make a card for this weeks cue at

Here's my card

I'm using the same stamps as in my previous post but the idea for this came from that little sprig that was on my desk

You can see that a lot of the tiny berries are missing and rather than throw it away ... I had an idea to make my it look as though the berries had crushed and produced the purple stain

... which sort of fits in with the sentiment ...

I'm also linking this up with Word Art Wednesday

Have a lovely day / evening

~ Ros ~

A Little Thing Called Love

Well the day to day sagas continue in my household...

I think my son has been feeling a little low lately ... Nothing he's said ... just something a Mother feels
So I made this little Valentine card for him ... to let him know how very much I love him

It's easier when they are little ... As they grow older you have to respect their privacy and all you can do is be there ... though no one is ever too old for a hug are they...

... And it's not just my son 

My DH had a scare the other day ... I'd made us both a sandwich for lunch and suddenly he started to choke ... 
Thankfully I'm not the panicky sort ... And though I've never actually learned the "How To" I performed the Heimlich Maneuver together with a few back slaps and finally I released the blockage

Guess you could say I saved his life ... Maybe its a little thing called Love

Till soon

~ Ros ~