Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Club Projects

Good morning ...

It's continuing to rain here and it's turned cold  - my cat and I are not happy that we can't enjoy some quiet time on the garden swing like we have done all summer long

I thought you may like to see what my group will be putting together this week but before I get on to that I would like to say a big Thank You to Jan at 
The Mixed Media Card Challenge
For highlighting this card last week

I'm delighted!

Ok ... this week we will be putting together 2 cards
This first one was not my idea ... I saw it whilst browsing Pinterest ... Here and I just knew my special needs group would love it

It is kind cute isn't it?
The second one will be a camera card

I spent hours on the cameo cutting these out 

It's funny but my group always have to have an envelope and if the card has some sort of embellishment that makes it a tight squeeze they are not happy at all!
If they make a minimum of 2 cards each that's 40 envelopes! 

I'm kind of running short on envelopes for them so I killed two birds with one stone today ... You know all those papers that you hoard ... you just know you're not going to use them, some are dog eared and some are from a pad you bought - you liked half the papers but not the other half ... Yeh, we've all got them ...
So I sat and made a stack of envelopes with them ... 

I put labels on the fronts so the address can still be added...

... and my group only have to glue down the sides ready to use - it should keep them occupied a little longer and the main thing is the cards fit in perfectly...

Well that's me for today ... I hope it's warmer where you are

Enjoy your day

~ Ros ~