Friday, July 02, 2010

Something pretty.......

It is so hard when those you love are struggling and you just cannot find the solutions to help..... That is the  way it is for me right now.... I so want to be able to relieve the burdens of family members and my heart aches that I can't...... The most I can do is pray for them and be there to listen ... but still it hurts.
I try to immerse myself into creating... wanting just to lock the door to my little world and make something pretty to lighten my heart a little ... but often my thoughts stray back to my loved ones, and to my own hurts... and I remind myself the teachings of practical philosophy..."when you become aware of negative emotions of any kind creeping in almost unnoticed... turn to the cool light of the present" 

In the present my "something pretty" notebook is born

This for the Play Date Cafe Challenge which is based on a lovely picture courtesy of .......

There is something so soothing about that soft baby pink ... and yet a strength in the bold red ....

Sparkly tulle, glitter and chipboard ..... delicate glass button, lace and pearled butterfly..... and I am soothed.

Till soon