Saturday, May 31, 2014

Missing Gipsy

It's just not the same without you ...

I sit at the window looking out for you every night ....

... but you don't come

Macey comes every day to see if you're back but I don't want to talk to her

Mummy says you'll be back soon ... be patient

We had a rough day yesterday, Gipsy is still missing and we posted the usual information with the vet etc., just in case anything should happen and she is brought in ... We got a phone call at 11am to say a cat matching her description had just been brought in following a road traffic accident and could we get there right away...

My son and I headed straight there and we had to wait awhile as the cat was in surgery ... then they took us through ... Thankfully it was not Gipsy ... albeit that this kitty's colour and markings were exactly the same as Gipsy ... but this one was a tiny kitty ... only young I would say.
It was heartbreaking to see her all wired up and in such a bad way ... a bittersweet moment.

My son was so upset ... so much so that he had to go back later that day to check on the kitty who, I'm glad to say was holding on and not only that but a couple had offered her a home if she survives.

So we play the waiting game once more ... Thankfully my little ginger boy has no intention of leaving my side
You never own a cat ... they always own you

Till soon

~ Ros ~