Sunday, January 24, 2021

Two Little Girls

 Hello there! I hope you are well and staying warm... 

We've had some snow, nothing that stays around for long but it's cold! I go out throughout the day to feed the birds and it's a feeding frenzy. This year I haven't seen any holly berries at all, even on my occasional trips out. I had plenty berries on my Firethorn shrub but most of those have now disappeared so I guess the little guys are hungry.

If you read my last post I said I'd share the paintings of the girls and here they are

This is the younger of the two and like me she loves to feed the birds

Whilst her older sister likes a late afternoon stroll with the puppy

Spring looks a long way off right now but to a child snow is always magical...

..And in a few months those trees are going to burst into life once more.

Have a lovely day, stay safe and thanks so much for popping in

~ Ros ~