Sunday, November 27, 2016


...Well almost

Riitta has picked this week's prompt for 
And it's White

Missy was only to happy to show off her white bib and socks... They make me laugh, one short sock and one long sock like she couldn't make up her mind which to wear

Though my neck of the woods hasn't seen any snow just yet we have had a lot of cold temperatures causing frost ... This is how it looked outside my front door yesterday

The ground and the leaves look white sugar coated

But so pretty

Not sure the spiders think so

At least a white web is far easier to see and I'm not walking right into them...

But a white interior can be just as pretty don't you think

Come share your White photos with us this week and hop on over to the blog to see what everyone else is sharing

Enjoy your day!

~ Ros ~