Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Back to Whimsy

 Hello and a belated Happy New Year!

I hope this finds you well.. It's a wet and cold day here in Liverpool.

Thank you so much for all the lovely Christmas cards and I'm glad to hear that some of my cards made it to you too. 
I've been painting a lot with a little sewing in between - Even made it back to my exercise class yesterday!
Lets talk little guys...
 The gnome variety that is. Seems they have taken me over and I just love painting them. I've noticed that they are attracted to snowdrops (well in my world). They come out at night  just to see them, or maybe they collect some secret potion from them, who knows, I haven't figured that out yet.

They are often alone, but sometimes if you look hard enough you can see another little guy in the background

...And once your eyes focus in the dark and the moon moves a little, you can even spot a little gnome house

They don't seem to mind me watching, in fact two of them even posed for a photo in broad daylight Lol!

It hasn't been all gnomes though,  in fact DH spent time putting some of my artwork on my newly decorated craftroom wall. I should have photographed them before to avoid the glare from the glass I know, but here's a peek. They also have a sparkle to them.

Well I hope I made you smile today...
Stay warm my friends
~ Ros ~