Sunday, December 16, 2018

Snowy Scenes

How are you all? It's been awhile since I posted...
 It's been a busy week here catching up with friends and of course I was at the hospital on Monday for injections in my neck to ease the Arthritis... Honestly I was really dreading it but I survived Lol!
I had to have 3 joints in my neck injected on both sides with steroids and for those nurses amongst you, you will no doubt realise what I didn't... Each  one took 3 needles so in total that was 18 needles!!
But I'm feeling fine and the steroids have put my eczema into remission which a brilliant side effect for me... No itching!!

 It's been so dark and wild here - today is a little brighter but yesterday it was so wet and windy and it looked like night time all day....Trying to take photos of my cards has been a nightmare...

I'm expecting my brother shortly with my great niece Sophia so I have a little time to share some more cards. I thought I was all finished with Christmas cards but apparently not, my husband asked for some cards for his old work colleagues so I did a few snowy scenes

The photos are still not very good but hey ho...

So far we haven't had any snow where I am but boy it's been so cold!

For the most part the cards are done with ink blending, stamping and some glitter

Well, I've no doubt that you are all busy this time of year so I'll wish you a beautiful day and I hope to catch up with you soon and see what I've missed on your blogs 
Many thanks to everyone that has sent me a gorgeous handmade Christmas card too!


~ Ros ~