Friday, January 04, 2019

With Love

Hello there...
Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my Lantern project... I'm working on something similar but today I have a card to share
It just happens to be our wedding anniversary today and this is the card I made for my husband
You may think it's totally un-traditional and it is I suppose -  We were married in Cyprus 19 years ago so the watercolour piece represents the sea... We only knew one person living there, a Cypriot friend Andreas who travelled a fare distance to be with us on the day....

It was meant to be a quiet affair, just the 2 of us, with Andreas as a witness together with the travel agent (it was second time around for both of us) but our friend and the people of Cyprus thought differently and we had a huge celebration - even a photographer and florist were roped in.

Andreas lost his only daughter some years before so to him this was like giving his daughter away

He kept insisting that we call our first child after him... I don't think he got the fact that I was 47 at the time and babies were not an option Lol!

Now you know a little more about me Lol!

Till soon

~ Ros ~