Monday, April 19, 2010

First Birthday...

Hello and thank you for stopping by - 

I've been asked to make a card for a little girl's first birthday by a colleague of my husband - The requirements were - 'pink'..  her name on and Granddaughter on.....'

I decided to go with a dress card - seeing as how I got such nice comments from people - but this time I was going a little bit special.... tulle skirt and 2 layers of card to give it a two tone effect.
Then I thought.."What if she doesn't like it?" "What if it is too young... too baby..ish?"
Oooh ... I get so nervous when it is for someone else to give....
What do you think?

I went on and made a tiny coat hanger for it too ... 

Cute huh?
I need to make a box for it yet, and I'll let you know if she liked it... fingers crossed.

Have a lovely day and keep safe