Saturday, October 06, 2018

A Card for Felicity

Good morning

The Giants have taken over my city again

Thousands of people have lined the streets for this spectacular which alas will be the last time they visit us

  I think the star attraction, for the children especially, is the very lifelike Xolo the dog

And talking of children, my husband's Granddaughter Felicity will be 2  this month...
I saw a super interactive flip card made by Laura Bassen ... Here
and thought I could make a similar one for Felicity
I don't have the die (by Mama Elephant) but it reminded me of one of the waterfall cards we all used to make so it was easy enough to I make my own

There are 4 animals... 2 chicks, a cat and a monkey

Kind of difficult to photograph but you get the idea - As you pull the tag each card flips over to reveal the next... It's like a horizontal version of the waterfall card

I do enjoy interactive cards and I had fun making this 

I hope you have a lovely weekend

Thanks for stopping by

~ Ros ~